The new web interface management

Reactile is a front-end UI tool developed in React that places your web applications in an intuitive interface combining dashboard display, thanks to the implementation of widgets, with an innovative window management system.

Why Reactile?

Increase front-end development productivity with standardized functions to be deployed in React

Thanks to a Library that integrates already implemented navigation and complete window management

Stand out from current software by deploying optimized, personalized, centralized user management of web pages

Thanks to a browser-independent application navigation based on parallelization of user tasks

Our response to the 100% digital challenge in terms of data organization and visibility via software interfaces

Thanks to our innovation for a new UI/UX design approach to web software

For whom?

For Front-end Javascript developers who want to save time by applying pre-implemented navigation in their React-based application

For UI Designers looking for new, never-before-seen user interfaces, for innovative personalized navigation by "workspace"

For Publishers of web software and SaaS solutions who want to offer users a new experience in organization, personalization and productivity and stand out from the competition


The benefits of using Reactile

Focus on what's important

Reactile builds the navigation interface for you, so you can focus on developing your business processes.

A new way to navigate

Reactile features an innovative tiling-based navigation system. Enlarge, reduce, move, do whatever you like.

Create widgets the easy way

Reactile lets you create widgets for your applications and display them in dashboards.


Window management

Arrange your applications with our intuitive drag-and-drop and resizable window system.

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Illustration de la gestion de fenêtres

Dashboard management

Reactile integrates complete management of multiple dashboards with widget creation for your web applications.

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